Femi Ladi


Director. London.

Email: femi26@gmail.com

Film & Tv: United Agents 


Music Videos & Commercials: Somesuch

Music: andre@somesuch.co


Femi Ladi is a British Nigerian director.   Ladi’s talent lies in subtle story telling, which takes the everyday human experience and makes it sublime.  This is particularly true of working class communities within the most liminal of spaces and underrepresented of communities.  

His films create a warmth and affinity for the subjects, thick with subtext and light humour, Ladi challenges archetypes, letting characters evolve naturally before an audience, with residual impact.  He lives and works in London, and is inspired by the intersection of his community, the stories that emerge within the fabric and texture of multicultural lives and experiences within the mysticism of London, and its multidimensional offerings.  

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